Saturday, October 19, 2013

Here we are - in Warsaw!

Earlier this afternoon as we walked off of the airplane our first steps were heavy with a year of planning, preparation, and fundraising. But as we passed through customs, hopped a taxi and headed for the hotel we could feel the weight of the past year lift off of our shoulders. Excitement and pride settled in immediately.

As we pulled up to the hotel, a large, majestically historic building caught our eye across the street. It is perhaps the most unique building in all of Warsaw and stands with conviction in the city center. As we looked up at this edifice, we realized, nearly in unison, that the conference banner was hanging there, honorably, for the entire city to see. Awestruck, the seven of us looked at one another; the moment was powerful and electric -  we are finally here and we are more ready than ever for the experiences ahead.

We had a delicious lunch in the hotel. Warm soup, delicious meats, new desserts - we fell in love immediately. Despite our jetlag and exhaustion, we spent most of the afternoon wandering around the city, checking out the conference building, and taking in the new smells and sites of our new home for the next five days.

Tomorrow we will embark on a more official tour of the city. Later in the afternoon we will attend our first Summit Meeting regarding some logistics for the days ahead.

Let's just say the vibe around here carries a tangible excitement with each new moment. We couldn't be happier to be here and we certainly couldn't be more excited for the days to come.

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